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Current new items being developed or completed:
Clutch & brake pedal extensions  
Distributor rubber boots authentic
Rear fender skirt tab grommets/rubberized slots 
lock tab grommet
Oil floats
Steering box gaskets
40-41 LC center grille trim
Horn brackets and insulators
Air cleaner breather tubes
Windshield wiper chain clasp/banjo pivot
36-39 Steering column seal
Polished stainless LC hood side scripts
Polished Brass 47-8 hubcap scripts
Hot air radiator pick-up clamps to fit the fiberglass repro
42-8 Air cleaner brackets, clamp and rod
Hot air /fresh air 3" hose & clamps
Front axle bottom out bumpers '38-'41 & '42-'48
'40 Vacuum top cylinder leather piston seals
Steering box bushings
King Pin bushings
41-48 Door striker brass slides
LC Sun visor rests
Hood safety catch spring 41-48
Door lock cylinder gaskets
Horn screens in stainless steel
38-40 Hood latch
Horn brackets and insulators
40-48 Continental exhaust brackets/hangers/clamps
Overdrive control cables
39 Hood nose trim
39 rear deck name plate
1948 Flywheel friction disc
'41-'48 OD lockout switch
Hydraulic tappet bypass valve
Wiper motor repair kits